from a dream to reality...       

At the foot of Bald Mountain, just outside of Rutland, Vermont, you will find the Hubbard Family Farm; home of Hubbard Hemp Company! A 7th generation, working family farm. Nestled into the hill for just over 140 years. Throughout generations, some activities and productions have changed, but two things have always remained at the forefront of our operations; family values and quality. We put 100% into everything we do, and we wouldn't be able to get it done without each other. 

Hemp is a fairly new product that we offer at the farm, but it is planted, grown, harvested, and processed with the same quality and values that have made our family farm prosper for over a century! Our hemp company is founded and led by husband and wife team, Theo and Desi Hubbard. In just a short period of time we were able to go from starting out as being producers, to managing and operating a retail and wholesale market for our products.


We currently serve customers from right here at our farm, to other local shops and retailers, along with right here on the web! We have first hand experience and have seen the effects CBD and hemp oil products can have on a person and their loved ones. From smoke-able flower and capsules, to oil, salves, and much more. There is something we can recommend for everyone, even our four legged friends!


If a chance is ever presented, please come and visit our farm. We want you to know and understand the people your products are coming from. Once you leave, it will be easy to see why we are so passionate about what we do here.